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ACE2 is an initiative of Foresight Society of Human Resource Development (not-for-profit foundation) in collaboration with SIIC, IIT Kanpur. ACE2 aims to foster entrepreneurship with a vision of nurturing and incubating grassroots enterprises through entrepreneurship development and skilling initiatives, thus enabling a sustainable network of businesses that will drive inclusive economic growth, job creation, and a lasting impact on marginalized communities.

Our Vision

Accelerating the entrepreneurial spirit amongst underserved communities by nurturing & incubating rural enterprises to enable a sustainable enterprise network

Our vision is to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within underserved communities at grassroot levels. We believe that these communities possess immense potential and talent, and with the right support and guidance, they can create a positive transformation in their lives and surroundings. By nurturing and incubating micro enterprises at grassroot levels, we aim to create a strong and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem that serves as the backbone of India’s economic development.

Our Mission

Assist informal enterprises from underserved communities in transiting to formal business model through guidance, mentoring and linkages for credit and market support.

Build an empowering ecosystem at the grassroots level, fostering a network of enterprises that drive job creation, economic growth, and tangible impact.

ACE2 is committed to assisting informal enterprises in transitioning into formal business models. We understand that these informal businesses face various challenges, including limited access to credit and market support. Through our efforts, we strive to bridge this gap by providing comprehensive guidance, mentoring, and essential linkages. By doing so, we create an enabling ecosystem that empowers rural and tribal India to thrive.

How We Achieve It: Collaborative Approach

At ACE2, we harness the collective expertise of SIIC, IIT-Kanpur, renowned for their technical strength in start-up and enterprise development models, and combine it with Foresight Foundation’s deep understanding of field-level program implementation in skilling and enterprise development, particularly at the grassroots level. This unique collaboration empowers ACEE to create impactful livelihood and entrepreneurship development solutions through a range of innovative programs.

Our Approach


Synergistic Expertise

The technical prowess of SIIC, IIT-Kanpur, and the hands-on experience of Foresight Foundation create a perfect synergy, enabling us to design and implement effective solutions that cater to the specific needs of rural and tribal communities.


Program Development

ACE2 formulates diverse skilling and enterprise development programs that address the key challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers at the grassroots level. These programs are carefully designed to foster sustainable growth and economic development in the regions we serve.


Funding Partnerships

To bring our programs to life, we collaborate with Government agencies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By securing funding from these partners, we ensure the seamless execution of our entrepreneurship development solutions


Implementation Excellence

With the backing of SIIC, IIT-Kanpur’s technical acumen and Foresight Foundation’s field-level experience, we execute our programs with precision and dedication, maximizing their positive impact on rural livelihoods.


Measurable Impact

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making. As we implement our solutions, we continually monitor and evaluate their impact, making necessary adjustments to optimize the outcomes

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