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We believe in empowering communities with Knowledge, Skills and Entrepreneurial spirit so that everyone gets the opportunity to explore the potential to grow and become economically independent.

Empowering Rural Communities

Bharat is the soul of India and we are committed to closely work with people of India

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Enabling the Startup ecosystem in India to accelerate the process of wealth creation

Policy Advocacy

Encouraging the dialogue on different issues of national importance



Digital Skills

With an objective of bridging digital divide through social franchising network created with the help of First-Generation Entrepreneurs, Foresight rolled out IT programs integrated with communication skills & personality development modules.


The idea of Foresight Youth Development evolved and developed around the concept of Positive Youth Development (PYD) which refers to all efforts to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interest, skills and abilities for better livelihood.

Women for Change

In rural India, women represent 50 percent of the population, but they contribute 75 percent of the development of our rural society by managing households and agricultural fields. Despite their laudable efforts, women have been neglected.


News and Events

Our collaborative projects between the public sector, industry and academia bring a real impact in the society.

Successful Completion of CSR batch

The event saw the successful trainees from SC/OBC comminites successfully completing the 6 months IT training programs and more than...
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Successful Completion of CSR batch

Foresight Initiative on CSR with CII

Foresight collaborated with GSKCH to train the underprivileged rural youth belonging to SC/ST/OBC communities under the affirmative action program taken...
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Foresight Initiative on  CSR with CII

State Level Seminar under UNDP Project

Foresight as implementing partner conducted state level seminar for elected members of panchayats (SARPANCH) as part of joint project of...
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State Level Seminar under UNDP Project




Vision 2025

Foresight vision 2025 is driven by the idea of New India and key flagship campaigns like AatmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and Vocal for Local. Our motto is to create an enabling environment for women to join a productive workforce, accelerating rural livelihoods and looking at agriculture with a new perspective to make it profitable.

Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of Gram Swaraj has become more relevant in present day scenario with improvisation to suit present demands. We at Foresight are committed to work for financial independence of women, fostering rural entrepreneurship and revolutionizing agriculture to make it profitable.

She the Change

Women’s perspective of looking at the world is different from men. This is a proven fact that women demonstrate prowess at resolving conflicts and with compassion.

Agri for Livelihood

Agriculture has been seen as a loss-making profession for a long time in India but present policies and better awareness among rural folk, make it possible to look at it from a different perspective.

Rural Entrepreneurship

The idea of AatmaNirbhar Bharat and vocal for local has potential to develop India as the most stable and strong economic power but path of success needs to go through rural India.

Recent Blogs

Idea of Bharat

We bring insightful & thought provocative blogs on key issues of national importance

Women Leadership in Local Bodies
Women Empowerment
By Praveen Arya / July 18, 2021

Women Leadership in Local Bodies

Constitutional Provision of Women Reservation: The 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act provides for the 33% reservation of women in Panchayati Raj...

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Dynamics of Rural Development
Tribal India
By Praveen Arya / July 12, 2021

Dynamics of Rural Development

Dynamics of Development in Rural & Tribal Bharat India is truly a country represented holistically by the villages in Rural...

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Challenges and Opportunites in Hills
Village Development
By Praveen Arya / July 6, 2021

Challenges and Opportunites in Hills

Challenges & Opportunities in Hills (UK) The state of Uttarakhand has a total population of about 1.01 crore as per...

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