About Us

F-TEC owes its existence neither to the zeal of an IT training institute nor to that of neither a traditional Ngo nor it is a creation of a philanthropist’s purse. It was a spontaneous movement to bridge the digital divide between people who can afford a computer training program at a high price and those who can’t afford the same. The idea was to provide a computer education to create employable skills among youth at an affordable cost. The idea was conceptualized by involving young educated people with small investment to open training centre supported by Foresight under the name of F-TEC and there by transforming those youth into social entrepreneurs. The F-TEC till date has produced more than 100000 IT skilled youth men power and continue to the same.

India is a country with great diversity in its culture, economic structure, spending patterns and different market structure. This divide is clearly evident if we take a look at GDP in urban & rural areas. F-TEC has developed a three tier model to suit in all three major segments i.e. Metro & big Cities, towns and villages. F-TEC has developed different training programs, different cost and with a different teaching methodology to serve the purpose of producing quality skilled men power. The three categories of study centres are:

• F-TEC Computer Education for Metro & Big Cities
• F-TEC Computer Literate India (CLI) Centre
• F-TEC Computer Literate Villages (CLV) Centre

The F-TEC model is successfully achieving two objectives, one is creating new social entrepreneurs with a very small investment and on the other side making available an employment oriented IT training for youth at an affordable cost.