Gyan Kapat is a combination of two Hindi words i.e. Gyan means knowledge and Kapat means door. The word means Door of Knowledge. As the name suggests Gyan Kapat opens the door of knowledge for the local community and comprises following one or more activity:
a) Rural Library
b) Remedial Schooling

Rural Library:
It is definitely going to open new gates of knowledge at village level. Apart from literary collection, the library will provide accessibility to email and internet facilities.
About knowledge, it is said that the more we share, the more it increases. Hence the library will act as hub port. It’s the meeting point and work centre for SHGs where the members can hold meetings, seminar, debates on issues and subjects of their choice and interest.

Besides the regular feature, the library will have special hours for women. The illiterates will be given their required information on various subjects like mother child care, general health, kitchen gardening, herbal- remedies by the literate library in-charge.  
Remedial schooling:
Education for all is a basic need and constitutional right of every child. This right is being violated in large numbers in India, specially in rural and remote areas. There are two phases of this problem. One is non availability of regular schools and other is poor quality of delivery which leads to difficulty in reading, writing and basic arithmetic for the children studying in 3rd, 4th and 5th classes. The concept of remedial school is being conceptualized to address both these issues along with improving the overall personality of a child.