Community Projects

Community Projects are designed for students to give something back to the rural society as part of Nav-Prabhanam. Community projects are integral part of all career training programs being offered under CTC & VTC wings of Nav-Prabhanam.




 A deligation of youth from USA at Nav-Prabhanam
Nav-Prabhanam youth club (NYC) is a platform for Nav-Prabhanam students who are in the age group of 18 to 35 years from different rural communities to ensure their participation in the overall development activities in rural India. The focus of the club will be empowering its members with enlightenment for positive participation in the development of rural India. NYC provides opportunities to meet with different people with experiences & expertise in any of specific field of development. The objective is to develop a better understanding about the role of youth in development and to enhance youth participation in day to day community development work at village level.