Rural Development Initiative

About Us

Taking technology to the grass root
The rural development initiative of Foresight is the program named NAV-PRABHANAM, which means a new beginning. It is a block level intervention for development and ensures knowledge, electronic and economic connectivity to the villagers of that block. Nav Prabhanam is a model based on PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) This executes activities though its three wings namely Computer Training Center (CTC) for Computer Training, Vocational Training Center (VTC) for skill development for rural women and Rural Awareness Center (RAC) for spreading awareness on different issues of national concern among rural masses.


Make rural India 100% computer literate by 2020
  • To provide knowledge & electronic connectivity to rural areas.
  • To create employment & self employment opportunities, thus providing economic connectivity to rural areas.
  • To spread awareness for enlightenment of rural masses to transform India into a knowledge society.