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Date: Jun 25, 2013    
Date: Mar 26, 2012    
Venue: Siri Fort Audiotorium - I
Date: Aug 29, 2010    
Venue: India International Centre
Date: Mar 31, 2010    
Venue: Auditorium, India International Centre, Main Building, 40, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi - 110003
Date: Nov 09, 2008    
Venue: IIC, Conference Hall – 3, Annexe Building
Post Event Note:
Issues like terrorism, internal security & overall system to deal with these issues will prove to be very crucial in this journey of transformation from developing nation to a developed one by 2020. When it comes to nation development it never somebody else’s responsibility, it rests with every single one of us.
Date: Feb 09, 2008    
Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium – II, Khel Gaon, Delhi
Post Event Note:
The debate was organized to discuss Vision 2020 which states to transform India into a developed nation by 2020. The focus of the debate was to discuss that what sort of political leadership is required to achieve this vision of transforming India into a developed nation.
Date: Oct 11, 2003    
Venue: Lakshmipat Singhania Auditorium, Khel Gaon Marg, Delhi
Post Event Note:
The meet was organized to discuss & debate on changing scenario of economy and as a result of which the shifting determinants of development with focus on the parameters of rural development in India.
Venue: Delhi