SHE THE CHANGE - Empower Women - Empower Society Categories of programs on the theme of Women Empowerment. All ATC’s are requested to prepare among the following category:-   Group Dance / Folk dance – Has to be based on any theme like Unique Women's Social Group where women find fun, friendship, support and inspiration to dance with life etc! and it has to depict a particular culture of a particular state or region e.g. Women folk dance, folk dance of women in any state Poetry Speeches Play / Drama – Preferably raising some issues like Gender Gap, providing equality to Girl Child when comes to education & bringing some success stories of Women. Priority will be given to plays having background music and voice over. F-TEC IDOL (Male/Female)     §  F-TEC Idol (Male/Female)  is one of the most awaited and most important program for this Sanyojan. Students who are confident for the contest can take part. All ATCs are requested to select one contestant under any one category(Male/Female). Ø   Direct entry for Brand Ambassador Contest winner at ATC. If winner is not interested to participate, then opportunity can go to any Brand Ambassador contest who successfully played the contest. (Minimum of 10 admissions to Skill Based Diploma Program). Ø In-case no Brand Ambassador is interested then any student can appear for the same who qualify following parameters: §   Student of a Diploma Program of duration of 8 months or above. §   Completed First module with 70% passing marks §   Having attendance of more than 80% since admission.